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"Big shout out to Orville / Coche Productions for this dope pic!!! Keep doing what you do!"

- Deitrick Haddon, Michigan

"Thank you again for your awesome work Coche Productions. Listen if anyone needs a photographer for any occasion look no farther this man Is the greatest"

- Deon & Malcolm Hanks, New York

"For photography I highly recommend Orville Anthony Wright/Coche Productions he's my go too for photography!!!"

- Priscilla Echi, New York

"Good evening sir, just want to thank you for such amazing service last night. Everyone was well pleased with your work. Can't wait to see the pics, I know they are amazing."

- Colette Goodman, New York

"Jason and I would like to express sincere thank you fro yesterday's maternity photo shoot. Thank you for being so patient with us and fun throughout the shoot. I know it was long but you kept a smile all day lol. We are excited for the journey and so elated we had the opportunity of taking our photos with you! Once again, we just want to say thank you!


Keep up the good work and may God continue to favor you with many blessings!


Your fans - The Levy's"

- Paulette & Jason Levy, New Jersey

"Thank You for capturing such precious moments in time for us. I love our pictures and I'm so glad I get to have such beautiful memories 💚 You are Amazing and So talented at what you do!"

Crystal Lopez, New York

"I just want to thank you guys for the awesome job done and how helpful Orville and Rose were. I loved your service and will definitely recommend to anyone who asked. You guys made our day special than it already was. Thank you Coche Productions!!!"

- Rochelle Davis, New York

"I must admit Mr. Wright / Coche Productions, he created wonderful works of art. Both he and his wife are very professional, not to mention their sense of humor make it a great joy to work with them. Keep up to great work guys......."

- Dr. Nelly, New York

"Omg!! I don't even know what to say ... My pics came out great!! Orville Anthony Wright/Coche Productions II are the best!!"

- Faith Baker

"I just wanted to say thank you again Coche Productions, we love our wedding pics and the album we looked at them all night!"

- Ramah Johnson-Bizzell, New York

"Omg!! I don't even know what to say... My pics came out great!! Orville Anthony Wright/Coche Productions II are the best!!"

- Faith Baker, New York

"Orville Anthony Wright II & Coche Productions, a very special thank you to you, the best photographer around…your work is FABULOUS!!!! Again thank you for the beautiful experience!!"

- Cherome White, New York

"Coche Productions, once again thank you for your patience and professionalism during our shoot. As usual it always pleasure working with you."

- Theresa-Ann Whittick

"Just have to say thank you to the best photographer ever, Orville A. Wright II & Coche Productions"
- Olguine Baptiste, New York

"Wow... Coche Productions... You did an awesome and fabulous job"

- Sondra Jenkins, New York


"I was just looking at my pics. We love them! Im usually not keen on taking pics. You can definitely post these. Great work!!!"

- Sophia Curtis, New York


"Coche Productions/Orville Anthony Wright II dopest photographer I know"

- Tye Obie, New York 

"Wow! I'm floored, I usually have a good side and bad side when taking pictures but in your pictures I look good from every angle lol"

- Renee Morrison, New York


"Thank you again for capturing our day!!! It was great"

- Ivory Palmgren, New York


“I very much enjoyed our shoot today, it was fun!! You pictures came out WAY better than I expected. You did a great job and definitely gave me more confidence and I look forward to working with you again! Thank you!"
 - Gloria Sealey, New York


“Happy I had the best photographer to capture my beautiful day. Coche is the best"
 - Farida Bollers, New York

“You are an amazing photographer Orville A Wright II & Coche Productions!”
- Shantae Powell, Connecticut 


“We totally appreciate your professionalism and gift of photoghapy... you're the best!!!”
- Kimkecha Caldwell, New York

On the best day of my life, thank you for capturing it so well Coche Productions”
- Jodi-Ann Evans, Connecticut 

“Coche Productions does excellent work and oh goodness the kids just enjoyed him and as you see this is the great outcome of his anointed talent and work”
- Alicia Owens, New York

“Coche Productions always does a good  job!”
- Jayshawn Jones, New York

“Love the work that you do Coche Productions”
- Danea C. Robison, New York

“Thanks for the great work you do Coche Productions, you captured every moment of my special day! Book CP for your special event today!!! CP Rocks!”
- Tahisha Fuller, New York

“I love the quality of the work! Coche Productions has a great eye.”
- Marchette L. Hellams-Swindell, New York

“I can recommend Coche Productions! I’ve seen the work they have done for some of my cousin’s events and I have some family pics he’s done for myself also, hopefully this helps.”
- Savita Govinda, New York

“Love your work – excellent”
- Virginia Dancy, New York

“Coche Productions, thanks again you guys are the best!”
- Julisa Grant, New York

“Orville A. Wright Jr./Coche Productions are one of the best photographers I know. Great Work!”
- Jayson Johnson, New York

“Coche Productions is def the best of the best! If you don’t know, now you know.”
- Tiffany Blecke, New York

“Coche Productions is the!!!”
- Shani Jones, New York


"Thank you so much for your time and doing our photography, we are very pleased with the shots... they look great!
- Vhybert Cameron, New York


"Coche Productions rocks maaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!"

- Ashley Cheatham, New York

- Zina Edwards, Canada

“I had a great time today at my photo shoot with Orville Wright/Coche Productions. Can’t wait to see the finished product.”
- Tamyra McKinney, New Jersey

“I love your work, beautifully done”
- Olguine Baptiste, New York

“I work with many Photographer's and he is up there.. Great Job Coche Productions… you are gifted!!"
- Alicia Cooper, New Jersey

“Awesome job on my parents photo.... well u always do a great job. Your anointed for photography..."
- Kim Stevens Gorrell, New York

"Found you on youtube...I am amazed every time I see your work...keep it up!!!"
- Golda Greene, Trinidad

"Orville I hope u can do the same for my wedding too in the next 5 or 10 yrs lol but u did am awesome job"
- Natalie Campbell, New York

“Orville Anthony Wright is the man!!!”
- Matthew Greaves, New York

"Shout out to Coche Productions for the AWESOME photography!!!"
- Teisha Michelle, New York

"Coche Productions you are awesome. Great pics of my family. Wish you was in London."
- Sherry Ann Dixon, New York

"There are no words that fully describe the quality of work that Coche Productions puts forth. I was completely blown away by the final product. Everything exceeded my expectations, which were already high. Our Thank You Cards were stunning, I've been to a lot of wedding and have quite a bit of thank you cards lying around, but I had never seen any of the same caliber as the ones I received from Coche Productions. I already thought the teasers were amazing, but the actual album is so exquisitely done, my husband and I find it impossible to pick a favorite. Orville captured my memories exactly as I remembered them. I cannot count the amount of times I was told that my pictures belong in a bridal magazine. Orville's work is visually stunning and he goes out of his way to make you feel at ease and that's so important, especially on you're wedding day when you are guaranteed to be a nervous wreck. The words Thank You aren't enough, no amount of high praise I give can come close to measuring how I truly feel. You really are amazing, David and I are so grateful to you and Rose, our families thank you. In the years to come when we reminisce about our wedding day, we will alway remember the love we shared, the love that you managed to capture and preserve. To anyone out there that needs a Superb Photographer or Videography, you will not be disappointed with Coche Productions."
- Kassinda Harry, New York

"You can never go wrong with a professional Coche Production ladies and gentleman"
- Unique Gray, New York

"You have great, amazing stuff, different from any photographer I've seen so far. The shots & the edits. I hope to have great work too, but I can't be my own photographer at my wedding lolzzz, ♥ your work! Again God willing I will let you know :)"
- Cindy Ci, New York

"I don't know how Coche Productions manages to transform everything he captures! Good God this is great!"
- Danea C. Robinson, New York

- Pastor Michel White, New York

“Seriously you're good straight up I'm impressed! You are the third photographer that made that impression last. Thank you!”
- Kern Baker, New York

“Thank you so much for your great work, you are the best!”
- Dawne J. Greaves, New York

“Orville/Coche Productions, you are extremely gifted.”
- Darryl Wilson, New York

"Hey Coche. I had a dream that Ads for your photography were posted everywhere. On bill boards, on the trains, the sides of the buses and on tv commercials. Keep doing Great work. Blessings will come your way."
- Jayne Baker, New York

"Mr Coche Productions, you are the man lol...dope pictures!!!...and the last part had me rolling lol"
- Jayshawn Jones, New York

"Oh yes, the best photographer! Guys if you have an event this is the man to call. Thanks Coche!"
- Deeper Life World Outreach Ministries, Inc., New York

I just been lookin at these wedding proofs all night... 
Orville Anthony Wright II you did a great job my friend. There are some real gems in there. Thank you again."
- Simeon Hawkins, New York

"I Just Got Off The Phone With Mommy And She Raved On And On And On About 
Orville Anthony Wright II Photography Skills !! She Literally Went On ! And On ! And On !!!! LOL 
I Urge Everyone Who Has An Event Check Out My Brothers Skills Man !! He Does Everything !!! I Havent Seen My Sisters Pictures For Myself But The Sneak Peeks I Did Get I Know He Did His Thang !!! His Work Speaks For Themselves ..The Proof Is In The Pudding !!  Check Out His Page ! Alot Of His Work Is Displayed !! Prepare To Be Amazed !! Talk About Capture The Moment ???
- Angel Nevaeh, Georgia

"You REALLYYYYY, do AMAZING WORK!!!- Simply stated..."
- Aleisha McDowell, New York

"I am so blown away right now, you captured our day exactly as I remember it. I cannot thank you enough, God has given you a gift and I am so happy that you shared that with us."
- Kassinda Harry, New York

"Always @ work & never failing to do an exceptional job! #Admirable"
- Tiffany Edmonds-Palacios, New York

“In case you missed it..FYI… Coche Productions is the best!”
- Karen Duncan, Maryland

"Orville I just wanted to post that God has really blessed you with some talent there....OMG!!!! You have a great eye....had to request to be your friend."
- Tiffany Hannah, New York

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