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● Prices include NY State tax.

● There are no refunds on booked photo shoots after 3 days and a 3.5% processing fee for refunds less than 3 days after booking. 
● There is a $20 fee for rescheduling photo shoots 24 hours before your scheduled session; $30 fee for same day rescheduling. 
● After one cancellation and/or rescheduling client looses all money paid to secure the session.
● No call/no show client loses all money that was paid down and the session would have to be re-booked. 
● Come at least 15 minutes before your session so that your outfits, props, hair ect. can be situated and we can start on time.
Whatever time you "BOOKED" is your actual start time of the shoot, however you use your booked time is up to you.
If you are late you can use whatever time that is left for your "booked" session; otherwise if there is time or any open slot to do a
rescheduling there is a fee of $30 assessed and $60 if a make-up artist was booked for your session.
You inconvenience the photographer, make-up artist and the clients after you. NO EXCEPTIONS... TIME IS MONEY

● Photo shoot sessions go by time and whatever we get done within the time frame you book for. 

● Choose a time duration that accommodates the "look and feel" of your session, keep in mind that all adjustments to make-up, hair, outfits ect. takes time out of your booked session. 
● We do not charge a sit in fee; again our sessions just go by time and whatever we get done in the allotted time.

● You receive your raw images at the end of the photo shoot session; turn around time for "retouched" images are
2 - 5 days; however the time frames may vary due to sessions ahead of your session.

● Expedite or "same day" edits are $30 per image. 


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